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To Stargate SG1 fans- a little help please!
SO, I've recently discovered Stargate SG1 on the Syfy Channel, and I'm hooked. I rented a few of the DVD sets from the library, and I have been overdosing on fan fic. (I'm all about Daniel, if you're curious.) A question- does anyone know any LJ sites where you can search for a specific fic you've lost? I know there are such communities in Smallville, Supernatural and Star Trek, but I can't seem to find any Stargate storyfinder comms. I'm getting desperate, please help!

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I blame Smallville. THey got me all hooked on Michael Shanks!

As big a fan as I've been for SGA over the past 6 years, I didn't come into it via SG-1 fandom, despite having seen every single episode of SG-1 about a gazillion times. That was less due to the calibre of the fic and more about the people who made up SG-1 fandom way back then. It was such a relief when SGA fandom turned out to be so friendly and inclusive (many of them segued over from Smallville, as I did), as SG-1 fandom was really kinda harsh, with lots of wank and Mean Girls activity! I posted a completely innocent and non-malicious opinion about something that happened in an episode on an SG-1 list I was on and got piled on by some very angry, completely insane people, many of whom where BNFs in that fandom... and I went right outa that fandom very quickly! It still bothers me to this day because I wonder what the heck I did to offend those guys.

I'd love it if you put up recs for good SG-1 fic you might find! I'd be happy to read it and squee with you over it! MUCH ADORATION FOR DANIEL here!

I guess I'm a little late for the fandom itself, seeing as how the show has been over for so many years. If I find anything particularly good, I'll be sure to let you know!

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