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I have a new computer!
I can't believe it- after seven long years with this extremely problamatic Dell, I have a new computer at last! It's an HP Pavilion, with a 20 inch screen and I also got a new printer while I was at it! I'm so excited! God bless tax returns!

Of course, I'm not using it yet. We just bought it this morning at Staples, and early in the week, the tech guy will come over and set up everything and make sure all of programs and features are properly downloaded. THis is a VERY good idea, since technology is not my friend, and I am bound to screw something up if I do it myself (or even worse, let my father do it). But it looks very nice in the box sitting on the floor at the moment. This new computer uses Windows 7, which I've never used before, so I'm a little nervous, too, but everyone at the store assures me that Windows 7 and this particular computer model are definitely the way to go. I hope so!

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Thanks! The tech guy called earlier tonight, he'll be here bright and early on Wednesday morning. I'm so excited. Now maybe the computer won't freeze and cut us off when we're talking. Wouldn't that be great?

I'm so excited, Suz! The tech guy will be here bright and early Wednesday morning. I hope the anticipation doesn't kill me first!

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