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Really Great News
Dad and I got some fabulous news today. A few weeks ago, Dad's arthritis doctor told him that he didn't like the latest blood test results- there was an indication that the inflamation was on the rise. With Dad unable to increase his pill dosage (could cause liver damage), he wanted to start Dad on injectibles.

THe thing about the injectibles is the incredible cost. In between the intial $2800 coverage allowed by his insurer, and the catastrophic coverage point, he would have to pay between $5000-$6000 for the shots. Upfront. This was outrageous- there's no way we could afford that. (I told Dad to use the tax refund for it instead of buying a computer and some other stuff, but he refused.)

Anyhow, today Dad went back to the rheumatologist, having had an MRI and a bone density test in the interim. The news- his tests show no signs of inflamation at all! Everything's fine, no need to take the shots and lay out five or six grand. What a relief, for Dad's health and his wallet!

And in other good news, the computer tech is coming bright and early Wednesday morning to set up the new machine. I can't wait!

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Yay! That is great news!

I'm so relieved. When Dad was telling me, for a minute there I thought he was going to cry.

It really is, Suz. I hope we can pass the good luck on to your mom.

What a relief! You guys needed some good news! *hugs*

Enjoy your new computer! How exciting!

It is such a relief, I don't even have the words. *Hugs back*

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