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New Computer update
I LOVE my new computer. But, as I mentioned in my last post, I wasn't able to download all the backup discs from my previous computer into this one. I contacted Norton Security, and they tried to talk me through it, but it didn't work. They said the discs were corrupted, or the files, they weren't too clear. They suggested I get a USB drive, hook it up to the old hard drive, and then download my files into it, and then use the device to put them into the new computer.

I went back to Staples, and they said the easiest thing would be to perform a data transfer directly from one computer to the other. So I brought them both machines, and they told me it would be ready Monday. Except- it was ready today! And now all my wonderful files are back, and I'm back online, than goodness, because I think three days would have driven me nuts!


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