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My poor father
I don't know whether to laugh or cry, so I'm doing both. Thursday night, Dad went night fishing with the fishing club. They chartered a boat (with another group) to take them out on the Atlantic. The water was so rough that Dad immediately got seasick. It got worse and worse until he had to throw up. So he heaved over the side- and out came his upper dental bridge along with the barf. Bye, bye dentures!

So, he found a place that could make him a new upper denture, for the low price of $950. And yes, that is low compared to some other places, but it's still alot, especially since no one here in Florida takes his dental insurance.

Poor Dad. He cancelled his date with Florence. In fact, he's refusing to go anywhere were someone can see him until he gets the new dentures. Which should be 12 days from now. That means extra special bonding time for me and Dad- last night we played Scrabble. Took over two hours, but I creamed him. Again, poor Dad.

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Aw, your poor Dad.

My mom is the same way about her teeth.

Oh ... oh ... oh! Your poor father! And I completely understand the laughing and crying at the same time....

When he told me, I wasn't sure how to react. It was just so surreal!

omg, I felt so bad for your poor dad I actually said, "OH NO!" out loud! Give him a pat on the back from me!

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