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Start Spreading the news, I'm two months!
It's official, I'm New York bound! We're leaving on July 20th, coming back on July 26th. We've already made arrangements for the cats- Stewie (the floor pooper) and Frank (the chronic diarhhea sufferer and vomiter) will be boarded, while the other three will remain in the house. A pet sitter will be coming in twice a day, to feed them, play with them and clean the litterboxes. She'll also pull in the mail and the garbage cans, so it should be a good arrangement. I'll worry about my little guys, though.

We'll be staying with my uncle and aunt (my mom's brother and his wife) on Long Island. I'm sure we'll see plenty of my sister, and my father wants to go visit his oldest brother, who also lives on Long Island. I don't think we'll be renting a car, so we'll have to borrow my uncle's. Hope he doesn't have a problem with that, I don't want to be confined to their house for seven days.

So, two months and a week, and I'm heading back to the old hometown. I can't quite believe it.


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