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Time flies
I just realized the date- today would have been my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. Wow, I can't imagine spending that many years with someone. Granted, my parents only had 37 years together, but that still seems pretty long, too.

Next week is my father's 67th birthday. I already bought his present, a new wallet. To be honest, he picked it out (and paid for it), and I reimbursed him. We really don't seem to do surprise presents in my family. Generally we (meaning me, Dad, my sister) ask each other what we want, and then deliver. I guess I miss the element of surprise, but it's also nice to get something you really want, too. For Father's Day I'm going to try and surprise him. I have a month to figure out what he might like. No ties, though. I think he's only worn a tie twice since we've been down here.

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Yeah, Florida doesn't bring ties to mind. lol Maybe a Hawaiian shirt and some flip flops? *big grin*

I'm not sure a Hawaiian shirt would suit him. He does look colorful shirts, though. But I figure I'll probably order something online for him, it's the easiest way to do something. He still hasn't figured out how to use, so he won't know how to check.

Smart move. I love Amazon. I've gotten some excellent used products that are just like new and way cheaper.

I love Amazon, especially for books and DVDs. If you don't mind used (and I don't, as long as it's in a reasonable condition), you can get things for wonderful prices.

My husband always wants me to choose my own presents. Lately I tend to do the same to him. lol

Being surprised can be nice. or you can end up with something you hate or have no use for. I suppose I'd rather avoid the surprise of getting something I don't want and just enjoy something I do. But to each his own, I suppose.

How did I not know that you were married? I thought you were like me, saving yourself for Tom Welling?

How did I not know that you were married? I thought you were like me, saving yourself for Tom Welling?

I've been married for a lot of years. lol Luckily, my husband puts up with my Tom obsession rather well.

I normally say that Tom is my virtual boyfriend. :D

Virtual boyfriend- I like that.

You should make them give you a list of four or five things. That way they'll know they're getting something they want, but exactly what until they open the package. Not a complete surprise, but at least a little bit of one.

That's a really good idea, I can't believe I never thought of it. Thank you so much!

Heh, we do 'preordered' presents as well in my family. I initiated that almost a decade ago after I got sick of aimlessly running around town every Christmas/birthday. :)

I knew I wasn't the only one!

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