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Persons Unknown
Has anyone else been watching this show? It started two weeks ago, and I have to admit I kind of like it. It's not the best thing I ever saw, but it's intruiging enough for a summer, short term series. I only hope NBC doesn't yank it before it's run is over; I HATE when networks do that.

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I watched the first episode which I liked. I still have to watch last nights. Its very intriguing though I would think that NBC could afford better actors.

I thought it was pretty good. I'm just not too sure about the whole reporter sublpot thing, I think it might take away from the main story, with the trapped people.

It's only a limited run show, so I doubt NBC spent the big bucks on it.

Can't say that I have. I rarely, if ever, watch the major networks. Last time I did was because I caught a Heroes marathon on SciFi and liked the show. And Season 2 turned out to be wretched. :( I'm not against major network shows on principle; I just tend to find they don't entertain me.

I loved Heroes the first season. But after that, it just tanked. I never saw a show go downhill so quickly.

I like network TV. I watch a number of shows- Bones, Smallville, Supernatural, Glee, Modern family. I actually don't watch that many cable shows- The Tudors (which is ending this week, anyhow), Intervention on A&E, that's pretty much it.

Heroes devolved into a wandering hot mess. I heard Season 3 was better but I'd fled the program long before then.

I think I'm being anachronistic and showing my age. *g* When I say network tv, I'm thinking ABC/CBS/NBC because those were the networks when I was a kid and everything else was independent. I do watch Supernatural and sometimes Bones, which are network shows but the CW isn't how I tend to think of the Big Three: stultifying mediocrity and aiming for the middle of the road programming. That's not really fair of me because I do enjoy reruns of NCIS and Law & Order, which are both network shows.

I watch a few Fox shows, but I don't watch much on The Big 3, as they call them. I used, too, but that was quite a while ago.

The networks don't really bother with anything original anymore. It's all cop show/medical show/lawyer show, or combinations thereof. I never liked NCIS or Law and ORder, though I occasionally watch Law and Order- SVU. There's a new version set in LA coming next season.

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