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Family Drama
Oy, my dad's new girlfriend is causing all sorts of drama. Her name is Ruth, and Dad has been seeing her for about a month now. She's about his age, a divorcee with no children, but two cats. She loves animals, emphasis on LOVES.

Dad has been spending a lot of time with her lately. Apparently she's very affectionate physically, and she even wants Dad to spend the night at her place. Okay, fine. But this morning she called Dad and almost broke up with him. She said he's not affectionate enough, she feels like he's always on a schedule, that he has other priorities, etc.

The thing is, sometimes Dad is on a schedule. We have five cats, some of which have special needs, and taking care of them is a lot of work. A LOT. I'm not going to do it by myself. Maybe once in a while I will, but not regularly. It's too much for one person to do alone.

I get along with Ruth really well, but I think she's begrudging the time Dad spends with me. She seems to want him there 24/7, which just isn't possible. I barely see him anymore, as is. He's on the go all day long, and it worries me a little- the man is 67 years old, he should actually be relaxing once in a while, instead of running around all over the place. Right now he's on his way over to her place, they have to return her birthday present to Costco, then he's going to spend time with her. Then he's coming home to shower and shave, and then he's taking her to dinner, and maybe dancing. That seems like plenty of time to me, but what do I know?

So, am I wrong? I don't have much experience with parental dating. Dad was so upset when she called this morning, and now I'm actually starting to feel guilty, like I'm holding him back or someting.

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Oh my, this one has problems. Definitely not good. Sounds like for the time they've spent together, she's asking a bit too much.

The first thing she did when they met was tell him he needed a new haircut. So right from the start she was tryign to change him, which did not seem like a good sign to me.

I spoke to my sister later, and I feel better about everything now. She reassured me that none of this is my fault, and that for a relationship only 3 weeks old, Ruth is really pushing it. But she and Dad have made up, it seems, so I guess we'll see what happens.

Always glad to hear from you, Roxy. *Hugs*

My Dad's ex was a lot like that, I see more of him now. But towards the end he realised she was trying to pull him away from me.

She kissed him the first night she met them, then told him to get a haircut, and that he needs to buy some long-sleeved shirts (we live in FLorida, by the way). That seems kind of troubling to me. They seem to have made up, so we'll see what happens.

He'll come round. I promise. They soon get fed up of women that constantly nag.

I guess we'll see. In another week we'll be leaving for a week long trip to New York. maybe that will give him some perspective on all of this.

Thanks for your advice, sweetie. And sorry about your lack of Ginger ale!

Ugh! She does seem to be very domineering. And to appear jealous of his time with you - - not a good sign. Maybe this trip, with time away from her, will help him put things in perspective. *hugs* Sorry, sweetie - - I know you want your dad to be happy.

He says they came to an understanding this afternoon, and that he'll try to be more affectionate. My father is a very good man, but he's not really the physically affectionate type, not even with my mom. So we'll see what happens.

Always glad to talk to you, Maddie. *Hugs back*

I agree with the above comments. I hope the trip to NY will help. Enjoy it, btw! *Hugs*

Thank you, sweetie. I hope so, too.

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Apparently, when they were out last night, Ruth's friend told her that she was much too critical of Dad. She said he was a handsome, kind, well spoken man, and that Ruth should be more appreciative of him. I hope she takes it to heart.

If she told him on the first date he needed to change his haircut I would say adios. No way is someone telling that to me when I first meet them. :-P

Sorry things are so hecktic. :-(

She's coming for dinner tonight. I guess we'll see what happens.

We've got cat issues here, too. Frank is actually doing better with the vomiting and diarhhea, but while he was at the vet he caught a cold, and he's since passed it on to Clyde and Stewie. The vet says it's a virus and it has to work it's way through, though he did give Clyde a shot. I swear, I'm looking forward to going to NY next week just to get a break from the cat drama, though of course I'll miss them terribly.

How is Dumble doing? And even more importantly, how are you? I miss our talks.

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