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Salvation 1 by kg1507
I shouldn't have joked about the cats getting colds. Frankie is doing much better, but Clyde is still all stuffed up. At least he's eating and drinking. Stewie, my oldest cat (he's 18) hasn't been eating or drinking. He's not even sleeping, just wandering around the house at all hours. We brought him into the vet yesterday, to see if he can do anything to help. We'll find out tomorrow if he's any better. The odds are that we'll have to put him to sleep. My sister is just devastated, Stewie was her cat originally, but Dad took him in a few years ago.

We still leave for New York on Tuesday. We've finally found a ride to the airport. We couldn't find anyone willing to take us, so we were going to just use long term parking, but Dad's lady friend Ruth knew someone, who'll do the job for thirty bucks each way. It's a good deal, since long term parking would cost over a hundred dollars. When we first made the flight reservations, we just assumed that Dad's good friend Eddie would take us, but he refused outright. He had a bunch of excuses- it was too early for him (we have to leave the house around 9AM),or it's too far away (bullshit, he'll drive farther to look at toy trains and cars). I'm hoping this guy we've hired will work out.

Dad and Ruth are going strong. They seem to have overcome any difficulties they were having. I think he's going to really miss her while we're away. I like her, I really do, but I think this week long break is a good thing for him. It's a chance to step back and see things clearly.

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I always use shuttle vans to go to and from the airport (the big ones out here are Prime Time Shuttle and Super Shuttle, but you must have something similar in Florida). And if the idea of a shared van doesn't appeal, for a little more money you can arrange for a car and driver.

Hope you have a great time in New York, and hope the kitties get over their summer colds soon. Am sending along special good wishes for Stewie.

Time to break out a summer icon, I think.

Thank you, sweetie. I just finished packing, so I'm pretty much all set to go.

I thought about the shuttle idea, I'll mention it to Dad for next time. Which, hopefully, won't be for a while, I really hate flying.

The vet says Stewie is doing a little better. He's been feeding him fluids and nutrients, and today Stew took a little food and water on his own. He's going to keep working on him while we're away. We'll see what happens.

I'm so sorry about your kitties. I hope they all get better, specially Stewie. *Sending many good vibes his way*

Have a great time in NYC! I don't like much to fly either but I love travelling!

Thank you, sweetie. The vet said Stew's doing a little better, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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