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For God's sake!
So, the weekend went really well, except that I pulled my back out and I'm in terrible pain. But it was good, other than that. My sister was in town, staying in Fort Lauderdale with her friend Kari. We got together at a really nice Mexican restaurant for dinner on Sunday, then Dad, Ruth and I drove to pick up my sister, go to lunch, and take her to the airport. It all went really well- until about 15 minutes ago.

My sister texted me, asking where Dad was. I said he was here, on the phone, probably with Ruth. I was in my bedroom then. When I left my room and told Dad off handedly that my sister was asking about him, Ruth got upset and hung up. Dad called her right back and now she's mad at ME, for mentioning that Stacy called. Dad tells me that "I didn't help the situation". Are you kidding me? All I said was that she was texting asking about him, and a few minutes later, after she texted me again, I told him that he shouldn't bother calling her, she was going to sleep. Ruth is pitching a serious fit about all of this. I can't fucking believe it. I'm angry and annoyed and in a hell of a lot of pain, and I have to deal with this shit AGAIN!

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Okay, I'm sorry, but Ruth sounds a little crazy. Controlling MUCH? She seems to overreact to everything, and her expectations are way out of line, IMO. I'm surprised she hasn't demanded that you move out yet!

It sounds like your dad is just trying to keep the peace, but you can't be expected to make all the concessions in this situation. I'm sorry you're in such a difficult situation. *hugs*

She's a loon. Or as my Aunt Ellen would put it, she's a whackadoo.

I guess you missed my earlier post, where I talked about how she pitched a fit that I was here, that I was in the way, that she couldn't be part of his life with me here and so on. This was after six weeks of dating, by the way.

This is all unreal. She's more trouble than she's worth, that's for sure. She's driving me nuts, and I'm worried about what all of this is doing to my father.

Sorry, no, I didn't see your earlier entry. I've been swamped by work lately, and haven't had time to check my flist very much. Yikes. Her behavior must make you wonder what your father sees in her.

Well, apparently their physical relationship is very satisfying. Yuck.

Ewww. I would so not want to think about that.

I would NEVER want to hear anything about it, but unfortunately I heard my father's end of a phone call. I think I'm traumatized for life because of it.

OMG, she really is a nut, isn't she? She needs professional help. I hope your father will put an end to their relationship - - this can't be good for him. And *hugs* to you, for this aggravation, and I hope your back feels better.

Thank you, Maddie. So far Dad is holding firm, not calling her. We'll see what happens.

I've read this three times and it still doesn't make sense. What the heck is Ruth upset about, that your dad's children care about him? And how on earth were you "not helping the situation?" She's a loon and I think your dad would be well quit of her. The only problem with that idea is that it's darn near impossible for a kid to rule his or her parent's life. As I found out when my sister demanded that I make my dad stop smoking weed out on the back porch with one of his friends!

Apparently Ruth has no family at all, at least that talks to her. She gets upset when Dad mentions any relatives, it seems. Dad is getting seriously annoyed at her for this- he has a lot of family down here, and up North, siblings and in-laws and cousins, and he's not willing to turn his back on them, or refuse to talk about them when he's with her. I think that's a good sign. I'm hoping a break up is imminent. I know he likes her and he'll be upset, but she's really a loon.

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I think dad is finally starting to realize just how crazy she is. He's seriously ticked off this time, which I thing is a very good thing. My sister did not have a very high opinion of Ruth either, and I think Dad is taking that into account, too.

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