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My shows are back!
Salvation 3 by kg1507
Mixed reactions, though.  I have to be honest, Sueprnatural left me completely underwhelmed.  I wasn't impressed at all.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a rapid improvement.

Smallville, on the other hand, rocked. 

I cried at the end.  I did, I admit it.  The scenes between Clark and Jonathan were just heartwrenching.  Clark's fear, Jonathan's admission that he made mistakes, all the while reassuring Clark of his love and pride, it made me teary.  I don't care if it's mystical or imaginary, it was beautiful.  And the costume in the FOS- perfect shot,.  Just perfect.

Poor Chloe. The way she said "Goodbye Clark", I just knew something was going to happen.  I didn't imagine her trading herself for Ollie, though.  I thought it was brilliant way to explain AM's absence, though.  And oh my God, how adorable was little Lex?  Just as adorable as aged Lex was creepy and scary and fascinating.  I know everyone is hoping MR returns ( I wouldn't mind it for the last epsiode ever, otherwise, I don't care, to be honest), but I thought these "fill ins" did an excellent job.

And Lois's pen hunt?  Adorable. 

In non CW show news, what the hell is up with Project Runway?  This has to be the most schizophrenic season I've ever seen!  What, is Michael Costello killing babies when the cameras are off or something?  And these so called uber-talents, like Gretchen and Christopher, are not impressing met at all.  At least Mondo has a little something interesting about him.  But Ivy, have I ever hated a contestant this much?  Probably not since Wendy Pepper in season 1.

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I've only watched half of Supernatural(had to leave for work!), but so far, I too am underwhelmed. Maybe it'll get better. If Castiel is on, it'll be much better for me!

I just expected...better. Maybe it's a lack of Kripke, but I doubt it, Sera Gamble has always done an excellent job in the past. I can't quite figure out what was wrong. I'm with you, hoping that Castiel will liven things up. And there's a future episode all about what Bobby does when he's not helping Sam and Dean that sounds hilarious. I'm not giving up on my show, darn it!

Aww, that's cool, I love Bobby!

Michael Costello seems like such a nice guy. I'm not sure why most of the other contestants dislike him so much. I do have to say that I liked how Mondo changed his mind about Michael after working with him on the pairs challenge and getting to know him better.

I read somewhere that Michael's nice behavior is all an act, that he's doing this to get his own reality show. I have no idea if that's true or not, but I'm not going to judge him on rumors. I find him to be the most likeable of all the contestants.

Mondo definitely showed some class there. I also think Michael Drummond was on to something when he said everyone's dislike of MC was partially "elitism". That rang very true to me.

Couldn't agree more about SV and SPN!

Great minds think alike! And my God, do I love your Reid icon!

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