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Just call me Andi Ringwald
My father forgot my birthday. Sigh. When I reminded him, he said. "Oh. Sorry, I forgot to get you a card." (He did run out later to do some errands and got me a really nice card then, but still!)

However, huge thank yous to my darling specialagentldy for the virtual party hats! I can always count on you, sweetie!

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Aw, I'm sorry your dad forgot your birthday. :-( That is like one of my nightmares is my family forgetting my bday. I mean I don't need gifts from them but if they forgot to just wish me a happy birthday my feelings would be hurt.

:::Hugs you:::

There's some stuff going on, and he's very distracted right now, so I'm inclined to forgive him. THIS YEAR. MY sister remembered though, and some relatives and friends, too, so that was nice. And you, of course!

Happy belated birthday! My husband's b-day was on the 27th, and I had some dental surgery that morning, so that was an interesting proposition. I had Vicodin instead of b-day cake! I hope you have a better day than that!

I still have the painkillers from when my leg was bad, so I suppose I could have a painkiller birthday too! Thanks for the good wishes!

*hugs* I was thinking about you today while I was driving around for work. Hope you had a nice day.

It was an okay day. Gray, gloomy, rainy, so not really cheerful, but nothing awful happened either, so I suppose that's a plus. *Hugs back*

If I'd had a few minutes when I wasn't driving, I would have given you a call. It's on my to do list! :D

Well thanks, I'd like that!

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