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Project Runway

Where to start?  My God, so much awfulness!

First off, Heidi's collection sucks.  It's a bunch of interchangable sweatpants and sweatshirts.  So basically, the contestatns' designs mostly fit right in.  There wasn't much to separate the winner from the loser, in my opinion.  How many different ways can you redesign sweats?

And of course, with the obscene amount of work, the designers get helpers.  Enter the rejects.  The second I saw Ivy I knew there would be trouble.  And boy was there.  She has to be the most hateful person I've ever seen.  She makes horrible, damaging accusations, with no actual proof, and that brags about it to everyone.  I'm glad Tim called her out, but frankly, he should have been harsher, and kicked her out, too.  She's a bitter mess, with a terrible sense of design.  And really, she's offened by Michael's language?  She should go back and listen to some of her "interviews".  I loved the bit about karma, though.  I guess she was right about that!

April is bugging me too.  Her snide agreement with Ivy, and her own perpetual scowling, is driving me nuts  She's not that great a designer, for God's sake.  Does she know that other colors exist besides black?  And that people wear things other than shorty shorts?

At least Gretchen made me laugh.  She's so self obsessed and egocentric, really, she's oblivious to everyone and everything that doesn't involve her.  And I felt so bad for Michael- why the hell do they pick on him so much?  I dont' like all his designs, but then again, I don't like a lot of the designs I've seen.  Why he is he the one who gets bullied like that?  And Mondo, while his hissy fit was extremely entertaining, it was also extremely inappropriate.  I hate to see what would happen if he met with a real life client who didn't like his work..

All in all, what a nightmare!

In other TV stuff, less than 90 minutes until Smallville!  I'm looking forward to the episode, I guess, but mainly as a placeholder to next week's.  Have you seen the preview yet?  I can't wait!

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Heidi was really good-natured about Mondo's hissy-fit, agreeing with Michael Kors that he took that energy and made it work for him. Very nice of her to be so big!

Ivy... ARHGH! How much you wanna bet she complains that the show made her look bad!

Also: Not everyone who came back was someone who hated Michael, he could also have picked Peach to help him, she never said a bad word about him.

Peach has said bad things about Michael, though. I think it was in her exit interview, she said what we saw on the show (the nice guy) was not who he really was. So there's that. (and she did comment to April about him, I do remember that. She wasn't especially nice about him.)

About Ivy- what can she complain about really? Is there a nice way to portray what she did? If there is, I can't think ofit.

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