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Bad News
Thank you to everyone who wished me well on my doctor's visit. Unfortunately, the news was not good at all. I'm going to need surgery, and soon. The disc has an unusual bulge, in that it's hitting the nerves above AND below the disc. Apparently this is fairly rare in herniated discs, and it's causing problems beyond the pain. I've lost reflex and sensation in my left leg, and further problems could occure if it's not taken care of- muscle atrophy, dropfoot, and bladder and bowel weakness.

The best thing to do is to make a small incision into the back, and cut off the piece of disc that's bulging out. I'll only have to be in the hospital overnight. After the surgery, I'll need a month of physical therapy. After that, I should be able to live a normal life again, according to my doctor.

Exactly when this will happen, I'm not sure. The neurosurgeon is going to talk to my GP today to start making the arrangements. It took a whole month simply to get this appointment, so I really don't know how long it will take to set up the operation. As nervous as I am about the whole thing, I'm hoping sooner rather than later. I want to get this over with.

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Oh my. I'm glad the problem has been diagnosed but bummer about needing surgery. And ASAP at that. Now I'm hoping you get a surgery date in the very near future and that it and physical therapy do their jobs!

Also, *hugs*

*Hugs back* I think I was happier when I didn't know how bad it was, though. Now I just want to get it all over with.

Sending you the very best thoughts!!!! *cuddles*

Thank you so much, Suz. *Cuddles back*

Herniated disks are so painful anyway, that having it essentially doubled-! I haven't had one myself but I well remember my sister-in-law's experience. She heard, and then had her own experience bear it out, that she still hurt after the surgery but it was more like an ache of recovery and the intense pain was immediately better. Hopefully they'll move things along and you'll also see big improvement right away! I'll be thinking of you.

Thank you, sweetie. It's encouraging to hear your sister in law's success.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, that about sums it up. Sigh.

Chances are that now that the problem's been diagnosed and a course of treatment proposed, there'll be less hoops to jump through in arranging for the surgery and PT. At least let's hope so! Keep us updated. *HUGS*

I really hope so, Karen. As terrified as I am of the surgery, I think it would be best to just get it over with, for my physical and mental health. The less time I have to stew about it, the better. *Hugs*

While this is bad news, I hope that they don't take their time getting it set up and you can get back to being pain-free. Still thinking good thoughts for you.

Thank you, Maddie. I hope so, too. I just want this over with.

*hugs* I hope everything works out, so that you start feeling better!

Thank you so much. It's always nice to hear from you, sweetie.

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