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Glad that's over with
I had my dermatologist appointment today. Good luck prevailed, fortunately. After looking at the mole, they decided to do a rebiopsy instead of an excision. Instead of cutting in and taking out a hunk of flesh, they numbed the area and shaved it down completly. Not sure how exactly, but there was some beeping and a burning smell. I'm in some pain right now, but it's not horrible, thank God. Feels more like pressure than anything else.

Finally, a stroke of good luck. May it keep on coming!

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I somehow missed all this(and the post about your dad seeing the NON-psycho woman), but OMG, I'm glad for your good news. I hope your good luck continues!

Thanks, Maddie. I'm so relieved.

Unfortunately, Dad is still seeing psycho woman, too. He's spending the night with her, and she's coming with us to my aunt's for Thanksgiving. Should be interesting, seeing as how she resents any family and friends Dad has and who might take his attention off of her.

I didn't see this until now and was wondering how the appointment turned out. Good news that they didn't need to cut it out -- I was amazed at the size of the incision on Hamish -- not as long as I thought -- almost two inches, not the three or four I'd estimated by eyeballing his arm. He had some of his stitches out yesterday. Some because when the vet got the the middle part, where the actual turmor was, he started bleeding. So he put in a staple and stopped while he was ahead. I know you're not a cat, but I was trying to figure out how they'd deal with skin and how big of a wound you'd be left with. The method they went with you sounds a lot better and I bet you'll heal faster too.

I was very lucky. They didn't have to cut at all- just shave (or burn, from the smell of it.) But no side effects or extra pain, so far. Very lucky!

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