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Tonight's Smallville
I liked it, mostly. The end, though, that was, wow!

When the heroes were carrying Carter's body, standing in formation, with that music, I had the chills.  Absolute chills.  I was even tearing up some.I absoutely loved Michael Shanks in this episode.  Okay, I love him in everything, but especially tonight.  The bantering with Ollie, the heartfelt advice to Clark, the way he saved Lois while on fire- Shanks really rocked it tonight.  I'm just sad we won't be seeing him again.

Something else occured to me tonight.  Watching the scene with Allison Mack, I realized I haven't missed Chloe all that much.  I was never very fond of ther character in the first few seasons, but then I grew to love her.  But I don't miss her.  Hmm, very strange.

I liked the way the minor characters were worked in.  Emil stood tough, Cat realized the error of her ways. Slade was horribly evil- okay, him I found a little annoying.  Over the top villainy should be restricted to John Glover.  No one does it better  ALso, how sweet was it when Clark asked Ollie to be his best man?  And when Clark, Ollie and Carter all showed up in the general's office, one by one?  Loved that.  It's so them..

So, a nice episode, with a fabulous ending.  Clark and Lois are stronger than ever, great proposal, lovely engagement party.  But now I have to wait January for the next new ep.  The END of January!  Not cool at all!

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I loved the episode. Unabashedly loved it. I love that I didn't want to put Chloe's head through a wall. I love that I actually liked Ollie in this episode. A lot. I may have even loved him a little. Clark and Lois were awesome both separately and together. This episode was better than a comic book, it was that good. Of course, IMHO, Smallville has been better than the comics for the past two years. But still, I completlely agree about even the minor characters getting to shine. I really love Tess as an ally and don't want it to change. And Carter *clutches heart*. That funeral was just...yes chills is the best way to describe it. EVERYONE GOT TO BE HEROIC! Why so awesome, Smallville?

I don't dislike Ollie. I even actually like him sometimes. But I don't need an all Ollie epsiode like Roulette. I like episodes where Clark is the major character, but I enjoyed how everyone got to shine tonight.

I love Tess as an ally. I hope she stays that way through the season, and onward, but I don't have high hopes for it. Looking forward to her "reunion" with Lionel, though. Looks interesting.

It was really a great episode. How are we going to make it to Jauary?

Did you notice how Victor and Bart both "appeared" at the funeral? I loved that they weren't forgotten, even if the actors were unavailable. But what about J'onn?

Yeah and AC was "there" and so was Zatanna. Or at least I thought I saw her black coat and fishnets.

I'm gonna assume that if we got AC, Victor, Bart, and Zatanna, that J'onn was there too. We just didn't see him...yeah.

I don't think it was Zatanna. Dinah (Black Canary) wears fishnets, too. Didn't notice AC, I need to do a rewatch. What a hardship that'll be.

There were two fishnet clad women. One with blonde hair and one with dark hair. Plus in the final shot you see Dinah in the forground and another fishnet clad woman in the background. Zatanna, baby.

And plus there were two black men there as well, you can see in the overhead shot, so YAY MM was there too.

You're right. I went back and rewatched after our last email, and I saw all of them this time. Mea culpa, sweetie.

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