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The Good, The Bad and The Horrific
The bad, first- my cat Frankie, age 17, has not been doing well for a very long time. He's always hungry, eating like a horse, but he's painfully skinny, because everyday he has projectile vomiting and lots of diarrhea. Tomorrow we'll be putting him to sleep. I am completely sad, because Frankie has always been my special guy, but we can't let him suffer like this anymore.

The Good- So glad to hear of the repeal of DADT. It's about time, damn it. And as happy as I am for all of these brave soldiers and their loved ones, I'm a terrible person, because I'm also thinking what a great outpouring of fic there will be in the Stargate fandom.

The Horrific- 3 points if you guessed RUTH! She went with Dad to his therapist today, and apparently the doctor told them they are completely unsuited for each other. THey have different value systems and points of view. Then a little while ago Dad tells me he's staying over at Ruth's tonight. (Loved that, by the way. I think we should kill your cat tomorrow, and I'll be staying over at Ruth's.) Since he slept over Monday and I know he'll be staying over Friday, I asked him if this every other day thing was their new system. He sort of sighed and said probably not for much longer. Things are coming to a head. I've heard that before. Then they break up and get back together for the umpteenth time.

So I'm happy about DADT, but I'm sad about Frankie and just plain irritated about Dad and Ruth. Not really a good day for me.

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Oh, I'm so sorry about poor Frankie. My sympathies, and kudos to you for being such a responsible pet-mom.

But I have to tell you, I love your dad's therapist. Here's hoping what the therapist said makes a dent where you and your sister cannot seem to.

Thank you for your sympathies about Frank. WHenever I think of him, I think of you, too. When we went missing for a few days when we were living in NY, you were the one who told me my dad should pee in a spray bottle and then spritz it around the outside of the house. He didn't actually need to do it after all, but it makes me laugh, and these days, I need my laughs.

I haven't met the therapist yet, either, but I still love him. (He's actually a psychologist AND a rabbi. I love that combo.) I was supposed to meet him, because he wanted to have a joint session with me and Dad, just like my therapist wanted. The session with my shrink happened, but not the one with Dad's. I guess his issues with Ruth are much more important.

*Hugs* for you and Frankie. Poor guy, you're right not to let him suffer any longer.

If it cheers you up any, I went to two different animal shelters over the past two days. Yesterday to the Royal Oak Animal Shelter to donate three hand-made shelter blankets and a half case of cat food. Today at lunch I went to the Michigan Humane Society to donate another two shelter blankets, both of which I whipped together last night.

It does make me feel better, sweetie, thank you. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for those poor animals. *Huge hugs*

Aw, Andi, I'm so sorry to hear about Frankie. But given his age, and his condition, I think you're doing the right thing for him.


I think so too, Karen. But it's going to be so hard to lose him.

I'm so very sorry about Frankie.

Oh, honey. *cuddles*

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