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Pleasant surprise
Every so often, something happens to restore my faith in other people. Last night, for instance.

Dad and I went out to dinner with his friends Fredi and Eddie. We went out to a Chinese buffet in West Palm Beach, about 35 minutes away from here. Fredi protested going that far, but Eddie insisted. While we were there, we sat across from an older couple. Apparently while I was in the ladies room the usual pleasantries were exchanged. (Happy Holidays, isn;t this a nice place, that sort of thing.) Anyhow, the couple was there before us, so they finished and left a while before we did.

After dinner, the waitress brought over the fortune cookies on the little black tray, but no check. When we asked the waitress for the bill, she told us the woman (from that couple) had paid our check. What a surprise! And a nice one, for a change. I told Dad that we have to do the same for someone else- pay it forward, as it were. I hope he will.

It just goes to show you, there are some nice people left in the world (who aren't on LJ, that is!)


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