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More Ruth crap
This woman is unbelievable. Really. Everytime I think she's stopped to a new low, something else happens.

Dad is on the phone with my sister now. He is a loud, loud man, probably because he's halfway deaf. So he tells her something Ruth has been doing lately, something he hasn't told me, by the way. She gave him a list, written in big, bold red letters, of assisted living communities and halfways houses. For ME. To live in. And every time they're together intimately (yes, like that) she starts questioning him if he's called, and why he hasn't. Dad said he showed the list to his shrink yesterday, who told him how completely inappropriate and unnecessary it is. The fact that it's written in big red letters was a telling point, he says. Dad said he has to refrain from telling her to shove the list up her ass. I wish he would.

Dad also told sis that Ruth is opposed to every activity he does that doesn't include her. He plays on a senior softball league, and goes fishing every Saturday morning. He recently started playing tennis with a neighbor, and she's complaining about all of it. Dad sounds really fed up. His shrink is telling him he has to end it, and that quietly would be best- he shouldn't fight with her, or try to justify his life to her, just leave and be done with it. Maybe he finally will. Please God, I hope so.

ETA- Dad told me that it will be over after this weekend. Neither of them are happy. For a while she's been giving him an ultimatum- he has to change things by the new year, or she's done. What he's supposed to change is me, I guess. Which hasn't happened and won't happen. Dad has no intention of kicking me out of my own home, and he says he's tried of always biting his tongue not to mention me or anyone else in his life, because it offends her so much. Hopefully this break up will happen, and that it'll stick this time.

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Wow, she sounds like a real piece of work! I know what it's like to deal with a parent's bad choice in a spouse. In my case unfortunately my Mom ended up marrying the 'cesspool of doom'. It's really too bad because family get-togethers are never fun anymore.

I can't even contemplate this woman and my father marrying. YOu have my deepest sympathies, sweetie.

I hope he can shake her loose soon. *hugs*

he says they'll be over after this weekend. I hope so. *hugs back*

omg, that woman is INSANE!!!!

She's beyond insane by this point. Dad told me it will be over after this weekend- neither of them are happy. She gave him an ultimatum a couple of times- he has to change things by the new year and she's done. What he's supposed to change, I suppose, is me being here.

Holy cats, she really is beyond belief. *Hugs*

I just watched "the 100 Greatest Movie Insults", a 9 minute video on, and I suddenly thought of Ruth while I was watching it! I wonder why!

I need to watch it in case Ruth ever comes here again. Dad says he doesn't want to bring her around anymore. We'll see.

She is SO HORRENDOUS! I hope your Dad stops seeing her and it STICKS this time! GAH!

Here's hoping. *Crosses fingers and toes*


That's putting it mildly!

I hope he sees sense!!

I've been hoping that for a while. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I hope he's serious this time, sweetie - - that would be a great way to start the New Year! *hugs*

It would be great, but I don't know if it's going to happen. I asked Dad if this weekend was the end, he said something along the lines of he didn't know. I hope to God it is, Maddie. Another year of this is going to kill me!

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