Does anyone really want to read this?

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What a revolting development
So much for Dad and Ruth breaking up after New Years. They're still together. Jesus, shoot me now, please.

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Can I use that icon? It works perfectly with my mood right now.

By the way, I'm loving your new Lure AU. It's one of the few bright spots right now.

I don't mind, but you'll have to ask goss, who actually made it.

Thank you so much!!! I'm almost finished part 5 :D

I don't actually want to use it, sweetie, I was just commenting that it suited my mood perfectly. But thank you anyway! I thiink my fierce Hawkman icon works well, too.

More fic soon? Yay!

Ha, I was wondering if I took your comment too literally ;)

No, no. I don't want to shoot you, I want to shoot Ruth!


By the way, I forgot to mention I got your card and newsletter yesterday. So wonderful!

Give him time. I think he's realizing more and more that it's just bad for everyone including him if they stick together.

I know, I'm trying to be patient. But this whole halfway house thing was really they last straw for me. I was hoping it would be the last straw for him, too. I take comfort in the fact that she's a psycho and she'll explode over nothing sooner or later.

Ummm...we would be aiming the gun at the wrong person then...justsayin' ;)

yeah, I had that thought, too. Dom't want to go to jail.

Oh, Andi, no! My offer still stands, btw. I can come down and we'll kick her ass.

She's the type who would call the cops, I think. She's love to see me in jail- anywhere but here in my own home. I'll keep that as my backup plan, though.

You're always welcome though, sweetie. Anytime you want to visit, my door is always open.

Oh no! Maybe it will still happen? Here's hoping.

considering her personality, and also, you know, her INSANITY, it's still possible. We'll see.

OH FOR CRAP'S SAKE. Actually, I had a feeling this would happen. Sorry my instincts were right.

Here's to an utterly Ruthless 2011, starting... NOW!

So did I, to be honest. But I was hoping anyway...

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