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More ruth Chronicles
And it was going so well, for a while.

Dad has been seeeing Ruth every day. EVERY DAY, for the past week and a half. When I mentioned to him that it might be nice if he were home every once in a while, he agreed that he could spend more time here, and he has. Unfortunately, that also mentions more Ruth here, too.

She's actually been very pleasant. Until tonight. They came home from the show at the clubhouse a while ago, and were having dessert when I came out from my room. I asked Dad if he was going fishing tomorrow morning, since he goes every Saturday, usually. He said yes, so I asked him if he could give me a ride to the library afterwards. I told him earlier in the week I needed to go, and he said no problem. He said no problem tonight, also. Then Ruth left the room in a huff, and now I hear her and Dad whispering about me from his bedroom. She's been with him every damn day since last week. Can I have my measly 30 minutes at the damn library?

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What the fucking fuck is WRONG with her? It's not like you're asking your dad to ferry you around the place every day and it's on his WAY right? AND even if it wasn't and even if he wanted to drive you everywhere every single day of the week that would be up to HIM.

Huh. She's fine with you provided you are not actually *around*.

It astonishes me. I'm not up with the play on everything re your back surgery, work situation etc but you've been ill and are recovering... why is she so outraged that your dad might help you out a little bit with transport etc?

She's outraged because any attention he pays to anyone or anything else (not just me) is threatening to her. She has serious issues. My therapist Tracy, whom Dad and I have both spoken to about Ruth, thinks she has a personality disorder. Dad's therapist, who's met her several times, think she's a loon. (But not in those exact word.)

Sigh. WHYYYY can't he break up with her? It would be good if she met soemone else and moved away. A long way away!

I haven't even mentioned today's drama- check my next post, I only have the strength to write about it once.

That ain't the half of it.

Sitting here shaking my head (have reread this one three times and having read the later post once first). I feel so bad for you. And disappointed in your dad for being so wimpy where she's concerned. I hope his therapist can help him find his backbone -- and soon!

From your lips to his ears. Thank you for your sympathy, sweetie, I really appreciate it.

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