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I'm in shock right now
My sister called this morning with some very sad news. The oldest son of my parents' closest friends in Brooklyn, died yesterday. He was a year older than me, making him only 39. Apparently it was discovered that he had a brain tumor earlier this month. It was considered operable, with a high chance of success, so the surgery was done. Something happened afterwards, though, and he ended up on life support. Yesterday they pulled the plug.

I'm in a state of shock today. I've known Jayme most of my life. We weren't close, really, I knew his two younger siblings much better, but I've always KNOWN him. He was a nice guy, a little odd, but a good person with a very kind heart. I can't believe he's gone, it's so unreal.

ETA- We spoke to his parents a little while ago. They're all devastated, of course. Apparently they were putting a shunt into his head, but he never woke up from the anesthesia. The funeral is tomorrow. He'll be buried tomorrow in the same cemetery my mom is in. My sister will go, to represent the family.

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I'm sorry, Andi, that's awful!

Thanks, sweetie, it was just such a shock. We spoke to the family a little while ago, and they're understandable devastated.

Oh my, what a tradegy. I'm so sorry for you, your sister, and his entire family.

Oh, goodness me :( *hugs tight*

Thank you, Suz. *hugs back*

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