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More Ruth drama
I apparently didn't leave the breakfast table fast enough, so that was cause for a tremendous fight. According to Ruth, I'm lazy, a liar, a manipulator and leeching off my father. She said that she can't live here if I still do. As far as I know no one invited her, but hey, it's not like she's welcome here.

Dad stood up for me a little, but not enough. When my sister called, he told her it was partly my fault for having my stuff spread all over the table. I didn't, by the way. Yeah, the newspapaers were spread out on the other side, but it's not like they couldn't be moved. (Which they were). But it doesn't matter, really. Dad said to her, Andi will never do anything right to you. NO matter what she says or does, you'll always twist it around and make it wrong. He half stood up for me. But not enough. How many more times do I have to go through this? He's with her 5 days a week, but my sitting at the damn kitchen table is offensive to her and intefering in their relationship. Is she kidding me?

I don't think I'm an awful person. I try to be nice to people, to be kind and polite. I think I am. What the hell did I ever do to deserve this nightmare?

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Oh my GOD, I wish there was something I could do for you!!!! This is so absolutely horrid!

You are a WONDERFUL human being and you absolutely do not deserve any of this crap.


Thank you, Suz. You don't know how much it means to me to read that. *Tremendous hugs*

I think she's having some kind of visceral, territorial reaction to having you in the house. How base of her. She sounds like an ungenerous soul.

I think she's a sociopath. She has absolutely no sense of compassion and empathy for anyone. It's always about her, no matter what.

*shivers* How horrible.

I agree with your assessment. Her behavior screams sociopath to me.

Please do not take her words to heart as you are a wonderful worthwhile person.

Thank you, sweetie. I'm trying not to, but it's hard for me- I've always taken EVERYTHING to heart. And I am so furious at my father for putting me in this position.

I am so sorry she keeps treating you like this. She is an evil old hag and I am sorry she makes you feel uncomfortable in your own home. :(


Thank you, sweetie. *Hugs back*

Offer to trade homes with her. You go live in her house. She can move in with your Dad. Your life regains a peace you've had stolen from you.

On a very serious note...I hate that your life had degenerated into such turmoil. I feel sure your father doesn't realize that she's only going to get worse as time goes on and her next target will be him.

Remember that we all love you and we all know that you're worth your weight in gold!

I wouldnlt live in her pit if my life depended on it. I love my house- I hate that she's making being here so miserable for me.

She's given my father a lot of the same turmoil- she makes him feel like shit, I heard him say to her once. But he ALWAYS goes back to her, no matter what she does. I guess sex makes up for a lot.

I'm sorry but I think you dad needs a reality check. This 'thing' is no good for him or you. I really wish she'd go away for you. I'm hoping it's be some sort of secure facility ;)

Everyone, even my father's therapist, has told him just how bad for him this woman is. He's seen evidence of her basic nastiness and insanity since last summer. he ALWAYS goes running back. Always.

GAAAAH! She is just VILE and I agree. Sociopath.

She is. She really is.

Wow, I'm beginning to see that the problem is less Ruth, and more your father -- WTF is this about it being partly your fault because you had your stuff on the table that he's telling your sister? Ruth may be a low-class, manipulative sociopath who smells the money, but your father is the one who is letting her into your home and IMO bears the most guilt for this situation.

I'm furious at my father. I don't understand his behavior at all. Ruth is who she is, and she's not going to change. But my father is constantly subjecting me to her and that HURTS.

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