Does anyone really want to read this?

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Things finally quieted down. Ruth and her friends all left after dinner, about 7PM yesterday. My father, however, was mad AT ME! Really. He told me that it was my fault too, that I shouldn't have had my stuff all over the table. First off, what stuff? The only thing I had on the table was the jug of Crystal Light. The newspapers weren't mine, that's simply where they were sitting, and it was a pretty easy thing to move them. But no, it's easier for Ruth to stand there and whine and cry that I'm conspiring against her. Give me a break!

Dad told my sister that he and Ruth are going to break up soon. I've heard that before. Hell, I've seen it before. And then they get back together and it starts all over again. he did say he obviously can't bring Ruth over here anymore. I hope he means it.

On February 5th we have a cousins party, a small family reunion, at a restaurant in a nearby town. My uncle and aunt are coming in from NY, and we'll be getting together with them and a lot of the relatives who live here in Florida. Dad intended to bring Ruth with us. He seems to have changed his mind about that. He's better have; I'm sure as hell not going if she is.

I just want this to be over with, for good this time. I am asbolutelt exhausted, mentally and physically. It's been two weekends in a row of this, not to mention all of the past months of it. Enough already. If Dad wants to date this woman, fine, it's his right. It is NOT his right to inflict her on me.

ETA- I can hear them yelling at each other over the phone right now. he's telling her off something fierce. I think she also called him perverted, which I assume has something to do with me. Just wonderful.

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They broke up again last night. Here's hoping it sticks this time.

Good Lord!

*Can* you move out? Not do you want to, but is it feasible? If it is, I'd start looking and planning. When you tell your father you can't put up with her abuse any more and must leave, one of two things will happen: he'll be horrified and get rid of her or, if he doesn't get rid of her fast enough, you'll have a bolt hole.

Unfotunately, there is no way I can move out. I can't afford to leave now, or any time soon. THey broke up during last night's phone call- I'm hoping it will stick this time.

Holy cats, this is so incredibly not good.

As for the family party on the 5th, whatever you do, do not let Ruth cut you off from your family. Also, considering what I know about her, if she goes and you do not, she'll try to convince everyone that you're a spoiled temperamental brat, that the only person you care about is yourself, and that you aren't there proves that you don't care about anyone in the family.

What would it take to get you out of there? Are you physically able to find a job and support yourself?

They broke up during that phone call last night. We'll see how long it lasts.

At the moment I can't afford to leave, and I don't know when it will be possible. So I'm here for the present and future. I love my house, I don't want to leave- I just don't want this woman in it.

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