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Further Update
Dad and Ruth broke up during last night's contentious phone call. I really hope it sticks. She called him at 8 this morning, to tell him there was a stray cat outside her house, and he could come get it if he wants it. (That's a big NO by the way.) He's going over there at 5:30 to pick up his stuff; I really hope that's all he's doing.

ETA- Dad just called and told me he's on his way home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he won't come in and tell me they got back together.

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Yay! And like you, I hope that is all he does.

We'll have to keep our fingers crossed. *Crosses fingers, toes and everything else*

I really hope it is forever this time!!

Me, too. He went over there about an hour ago to pick up his stuff and return hers. he isn't back yet, which has me a little worried.

Oh, sweetie, I hope this is for real!

So far, so good. He picked up his stuff and came home. He really didn't say what went on, just that it wasn't pleasant and she wasn't civil. He told me something funny/weird- when she came over Saturday night, she arrived at 7PM. She had said she was going to come over at 9PM. he was surprised she was there earlier and said "I'm surprised to see you here early." Apparently she took great offense at that. She should have called first, I said, we could have put up balloons and some streamers to welcome her properly. What a loon.

If it doesn't stick and you decide you have no choice but to off her, there's about two dozen peeps on your flist who will happily A) help you hide the body and B) swear you were with them at the time.

Thank you, sweetie, that helps A LOT!

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