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Buca Di Beppo?
I think that's the name of the Italian restaurant we went to last night. It's a chain, apparently. It was really good. There were 14 of us, so we were seated in something called "The Pope Room". There was a bust of Pope John Paul in a plastic case in the middle of the table, and all sorts of pope pictures and memoribilia on the walls. One of the chairs even looked like a throne. (We made Uncle Eddie, as the oldest male, sit there).

Dad was sitting next to his cousin Gloria, who is a sort of Orthodox Jew, and keeps kosher. She never eats in non kosher restaurants, until recently, as it turns out. She likes to date guys she meets around town. (She's a year older than Dad, making her 68, but she'll only date guys in their forties and younger. Go Gloria!) Anyhow, to make it easier to date, she'll eat a vegetable only salad in non kosher restaurants, although she brings her own plastic silverware and dressings. Gloria is a hoot. My aunt Ellen, Dad and Eddie's younger sister, says about Gloria- she's a whackadoo. She might be, but she's also a hoot. All in all, it was a really nice night. Good to be with family, I think.

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Sounds like you had a good time with your family, sweetie!

I really, really did. The irony of sticking a Jewish family in the Pope room had us all hysterical, and we all laughed the whole night long.

Are you still Ruth free??? :::Hopes:::

So far, so good. Hopefully it will stay that way!

It's so nice seeing you have fun with your family!

It was great, sweetie. A whole bunch of Jews in the pope room just added to the fun.

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