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Another Breakup
Dad and Ruth broke up again last night. They had a beautiful day together, and then she called last night and demanded that he marry her and they move in together. When he put the kibosh on that (Thank God, I'd have to committ him if he didn't) she went off on another tangent, picking on him about everything, and of course, about me. She's furious he still hasn't sent me off to a halfway house yet.

Dad doesn't seem all that upset by it. He said to me that Ruth is a very strange woman, who gets upset about crazy things and he's tired of it. Wow, imagine that. It took him this long to realize that she's so unstable?

Anyhow, now starts the praying on my part- Please God, let this be the final breakup. Let it last this time. Please!

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Man. REALLY hope it lasts!

then she called last night and demanded that he marry her and they move in together

Bwwwaaa haaahaaahaaa! (And I am so glad that the boss is not in the office because I positively BURST into loud laughter upon reading that.

She is 100% certifiable. As would be your father if he agreed to marry her.

I'm less worried about your father at this point. I think he's catching on that she's a nutjob and that life would never be peaceful with her as a GF (or God forbid) wife.

Meanwhile, I've been pondering your recent question. I think it's not just the sex, but I think it's a combination of sex and feeling like you're really important to and heard by another person. Sort of pinning all your hopes for happiness and a cure for existential loneliness on one special person.

You're right, I think, about his motivations. I just hope he's realized that Ruth is not going to give him what he's looking for.

You know, I had a feeling that she might be after marriage and to get your place all to herself (and that's why she wanted you gone). Thank Bob he told her it's over.
I really hope it sticks this time and you never have to put up with that woman ever again. *hugs*

Please God, I hope so! *Hugs*


I think...that this is the way it goes for them? *hus you some more* I REALLY hope not....

I'm holding out hope, Roxy, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I always think each breakup is the last, and I'm always wrong, but I still keep hoping it'll happen for good. *Higs back*

HA! It was very obvious that she wanted to move in (and assumed YOU were the impediment to that), but it seems she finally revealed that she wanted marriage! Which is probably the one thing she could say to your dad to make him drop her ass. I assume this is the first time MARRIAGE was mentioned?

Actually, Dad said she'd mentioned it before, but I guess not as seriously as she did last night. She'd already said she couldn't move in here while I was here (not that she was asked, as far as I know), but I guess this time she went too far.

I don't know what she expected- she wouldn't exactly be getting a millionaire. Or a thousand-aire. Dad lives on his pension and social security, which is more money than she has, true, but not exactly swimming in dough.

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