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Does anyone really want to read this?

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breakup Update
Dad went to the senior singles club tonight at the JCC. He told me he would be home at 8:30- he just walked in now at five to ten. I was worried he'd run into Ruth there.

He did. He told me they talked a while, and agreed that it is completely, finally over. I hope that's true.

Did anyone else read rhiannonhero's post about emotional abusers? She was posting in regards to As The World Turns' Noah, but it really applies to Ruth, too. I printed it out after editing out the soap stuff, and gave it to Dad. He told me it was interesting, and that he'd highlighted a bunch of passages to show his shrink tomorrow.

Maybe it's sinking in after all.

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*crosses fingers on your behalf*

Thank you, sweetie. I think your post there really made an impression on him.

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