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Dad stuff
I just set Dad up on J Date. I'd suggested it before, but he was reluctant until his therapist told him it was a good idea. Looks there are A LOT of options there. I hope he can find someone nice- and of course, SANE.

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*huuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* Good luck, sweetie for you *and* your daddy's sakes!

Thanks, Roxy.

Hey, how do you feel about bigamy? You could come down here and be my stepmommy?


Hey, if you make sure I get plenty of coffee and there's a bookstore nearby, we're set! :)


Barnes and Noble ten minutes away, something called Books a Million aboyt 20 minutes away, and a lovely used bookstore about ten minutes away. And we do have a coffeemaker- I don't actually drink coffee, so I don't know how to use it, but Dad does. See ya' soon!

Bring the hubby- we'll tell everyone your's a polygamist who belongs to some weird new sect of Mormonism.

Well, Mr. R might take a bit of convincing but you've got me sewed up! *packs suitcase*


We're two minutes away from a Supertarget, if that helps.


I can even transfer my JOB!!!!


Thought you'd like that!

I still amazed he didn't realize before this what a CATCH he is - we ladies far outnumber eligible men, especially as we get older. He'll be inundated, and hopefully with sane people!

EVERYONE, from me to his shrink and more have told him that. But he wanted Ruth for some godforsaken reason.

Hopefully he'll end up with someone nice. Maybe you should do a psych evaluation on her before you let them go out.

With an actual psychiatrist, no less. I want proof that she isn't a nut.

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