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The Dating Dad
Dad's been on J date for about a week, and it's driving me crazy! He's gotten several responses already, and some of the women seem appropriate for him. But, and this is what drives me nuts, I have to do all the back and forth communicating. He can go online and call up the site and check out who's responding to him, but he refuses to learn how to answer the e-mails and flirts he's receiving. He writes it all down and expects me to sit there and type it in for him. I get that he's not a great typist, but I wish he'd learn. After Ruth's constant ravings about how I was intefering in their relationship (by breathing, apparently), this DOES feel like inteference. And also creepy. I do not want to do this.

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Oh man, I don't blame you. Can you sit down with him and explain how you feel? Tell him that you are no longer going to answer his emails for him as it is innapropriate?

I've mentioned in a joking sort of way, but never seriously. He does a lot for me, and then I feel guilty for not doing this for him.

Yeah, your typing for him is quickly becoming inappropriate. I think you'd better mention this to your/his therapist. (You do see the same person, right?)

Hopefully your dad will pick a person or two or three to date and the typing will switch from typing to phone calls. Then again, with your luck, your dad'll pick someone like me who prefers typing over talking on the telephone.

Hugs and *GOOD LUCK!*

No, we have different therapists. He's sat in for a family session with mine a couple of times, but that's it. His doctor is thrilled he's on JDate- now he needs to tell Dad to start doing his own typing.

Maybe he wants you vetting the person up front this time, to avoid another Ruth-like situation? It still isn't appropriate, though. If you weren't sharing a home with him, I'm sure he'd find some way to communicate on his own.

That's the only thibg that I like about this- I can see who these women areand point out the ones that seem off. It's hard to tell though- you can't really know who's telling the truth and who isn't.

Just want to give you a hug cause my Dad's started being an ass too so *HUGS*

In spite of how annoying this is to me peronally, I'm actually in the Dad's stopped being an ass phase. It was his relationship with Ruth that really brought out his assness.

I'm sorry you're having trouble with your father, sweetie. It's always a tough situation, isn't it? I hope things turn around for you. *Hugs back*

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