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Now it's a little weird
Dad just set up a date with the woman named Andrea for tomorrow. That means he's gone out with different women Monday and Tuesday, and more women coming up Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I don't think it's that funny anymore, to be honest. I want him to keep busy, and stay away from Ruth, but this doesn't seem a great response, either. He wants a real relationship, someone to connect with, and I don't think this is the way to do that.

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What, is he "test driving" them or something? It sounds like those dating places where you go from table to table and only get to talk to the person there for five or ten minutes before the bell goes off and you're off to the next table.

Speed dating- they have ads for that on J Date, too. Test Drive is a good way to describe it- after tomorrow, though, he better start making some decisions.

Yes - like old person speed dating.

He's probably trying to keep his mind off Ruth and himself busy in case she calls.

Yeah, I think so, but really, 5 dates in seven days with four different women- it's a little much!

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True, true. Just the idea of my dad, manwhore, is so bizarre!

I agree with latxcvi's comments. Also, the more women who are interested in him, the more it will prove that Ruth wasn't a fluke and that there's someone better than her out there for him. Now as long as he doesn't keep making you write his email to them, all's good.

Luckily, they've reached the phone call communication stage. He still needs to learn to type though.

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