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Guess who called Dad this afternoon?
I don't even have to say her name, do I? She was upset, a guy in the social club died on Monday, and she got into a car accident on the way home and yadda yadda yadda. Basically she was looking for Dad to get back together with her. I have to give Dad credit, he did tell her now, they just weren't suited to each other, but it sure took him a while to get there.

He kept repeating that at their last breakup she said she would give him 3 months to make changes, then mailed his stuff back the next day. The 3 months thing was a term frequently mentioned by both of them. Apparently, in 3 months I was supposed to be kicked out, I guess, so she could move in. And Dad would change whatever was wrong with him in those 3 months, too.

It's such complete and utter bullshit. In spite of his problems, there was NOTHING for Dad to change in 3 months. That he keeps apologizing for that drives me buts. She was the one who needed to change, and she is completely incapable of it. She has severe abuse and abandonment issues, and my therapist and Dad's both say she seems to have a borderline personality disorder. Dad said to her, You told me once that nothing will ever satisfy you. And that's completely true.

But at least Dad told her that he was dating and that they were over. I just didn't like his apologetic tone, I guess.

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She's such a psycho bitch.

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