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The Ruth Chronicles
Dad and I had a barbecue tonight, with Dad's friends Fredi and Eddie. His sort of lady friend Nicole was supposed to come, but since Dad is sort of back together with Ruth, Dad decided not to invite Nicole after all.

While we were having dinner, Ruth calls. She heard there was a show in our community tonight. Does Dad have tickets, and if so why didn't he invite her? Dad told her the truth- yes he has tickets, and no he didn't invite Ruth because he thought it might be awkward- he's not seeing Nicole anymore, but what if she was there at the show? It would be weird for all 3 of them. Apparently Ruth started pitching a fit, and then hung up on Dad- while Eddie, Fredi and I sat listening to the whole thing from the dining room table.

Fredi doesn't mince words, I have to say. She told Dad in no uncertain terms that Ruth is a psychopath and that Dad is a nut for going back to her constantly. That the way Ruth treats me is abominable and Dad shouldn't be allowing that- hell, he shouldn't be allowing the way she treats HIM! Dad told Fredi that I printed out an article I found for him- seven signs you're in a relationship with a manipulator (Ruth matches all 7, believe me). Dad agrees whenever anyone (me, my sister, Fredi or Eddie) says Ruth is bad news, but he always goes back. He's going to go to tonight's show with Ed, and he says he's in no mood to call Ruth back, but that will change. It always does.

I told Dad the other day that I was done with this. If he wants to keep seeing Crazytown, I can't stop him, but I will no longer be sympathetic about it when she acts out and treats him badly. If he wants to keep running back to her, it's his problem. Not mine. My sister says the same thing, only she uses a lot more four letter words, usually the one that starts with F. As pissed as I am at my Dad over this, I still can't bring myself to curse him out. That whole manners thing both my parents tought me when I was a kid- it kind of stuck.

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I just can't understand why he keeps going back to her, unless it's that every time they fight, she acts like she needs him desperately and he likes that feeling/feels like he must stay with her to make her happy.

I assume it's the occasional sex. I really can't see any other reason he'd put up with this crap.

OMG! I'm about to come down there and tell your pop what's what and then go take out Crazy Psycho Bitca myself!


Come on down, sweetie. You can yell at him for a while, then we can hit the pool and the malls. You deserve a good time.

Fredi's awesome and you don't have to curse to get your point across to your father. I think what you said to him was very healthy--you stick to that! If he wants sex with her, he'll have to learn how to take the bad with the good. That doesn't mean you have to sympathize with him.

About an hour ago, he called her, BEGGING her to forgive him and take him back. I was horrified, absolutely disgusted. This is beyond ridiculous.

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