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And yet Another breakup
Dad swears he's done with Ruth for good this time. We'll see. She cancelled their Saturday night date, saying she was tired and depressed. She called Dad today and said that the relationship is making her sick. She even went to the hospital on Saturday, or so she wants Dad to believe. He's not so sure. He has taken her to the ER a time or two, where, shocking surprise, they found nothing wrong. Imagine that!

Anyhow, after listing all the reasons how Dad is ruining her life and health, she asked him to come over to talk. He said no, thank goodness. He seems sincere about the breakup, but then again, he always does. I guess we'll see. I'm tired of getting my hopes up.

LJ was acting all wonky earlier today, AGAIN. I'm getting mighty sick of that, too.

ETA- and now she just called him and they're talking again. Can I get one freaking day off from this?

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She called Dad today and said that the relationship is making her sick.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's freakin' hilarious. Might one suspect that if he'd pay a few of her bills, she'd rally?

She told Dad last night he has to prove his love for her by marrying her, selling this house, and then moving away with her to San Diego. Even Dad thought she was ridiculous.

Your dad secretly loves the drama. It's the only explanation.

Either that or he's a total masochist.

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