Does anyone really want to read this?

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Oh come on!
Ruth told Dad last night that he has to prove he loves her by marrying her, selling the house, and moving to San Diego with her. Yeah.

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Is this woman perhaps manic right now?

And also, he better not even consider it.

She is totally diagnosable with something.

He says no way in hell, and I do believe him about that. As for manic, maybe. The last few days I've seen some clear signs of manic-depression or bi-polar disorder, whatever they're calling it these days. It doesn't even matter- she's just a loon.

Wow. Classic abuser. Isolating him, making him give up his own things, wow.

Absolutely classic. And he knows it, too.

Every post about this woman reads like the intro to a really creepy episode of Criminal Minds or CSI! She's absofuckingloutely nuts!! And I agree with the other posts...this is textbook abusive behaviour! Scary, scary woman.

Everyone has told Dad that she's an abusive loon- me, my sister, his friends, his therapist, my therapist- and he knows it, too, when he's willing to admit it to himself. But I guess that's not that often.

Seems like an amazing basis for any relationship. She seriously needs help. He doesn't consider it, right? Tell me he doesn't.

He says absolutely not. It sounds like he means it.

Words fail me. Your dad's not considering this, is he?

Y'know, if this weren't your life and your dad's, this whole thing would be hilarious. She says things that sound like they're out of a sitcom. All that's missing is the laugh track.

I know. But I'm tired of living in a sitcom. I want my normal back.

Since he's pretty much just using her for sex rather than trying to build a long-term relationship, this is the sort of thing that will actually break them up rather than progress them to the next level, I should think.

The San Diego thing does sound oddly random. What's in San Diego that she feels the need to move next to?

She likes the idea of san Diego, something about a temperate climate. I don't think she's ever actually been there. Of course, Dad has no family or friends there at all, so I'm sure that's a huge draw for her. And they got back together last night. Sigh. This is never going to end.

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