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So did Ruth behave herself?
The answer is, for a while. She was fine all through dinner and dessert, but when one of my NY cousins mentioned that she was looking forward to seeing Dad and I this summer, she had a flip out. Dad didn't tell her we were going, since he didn't even know if they would still be together then. She actually told him a while back that since they were together, he wasn't allowed to visit his family anymore.

Ruth flipped out that Dad was going away to see his family, but that he hadn't taken her away on a trip. Dad is very reluctant to plan a trip with Ruth. She freaks out and breaks up with him at the drop of a hat, and he doesn't want to book something and then lose all the money because she had another flip out. A couple of months ago he lost $150 on Tony Bennett tickets because she broke up with him right before the show and he couldn't find anyone to buy them.

Anyhow, the trip to the zoo seems to be off. I wasn't planning on going, though. I figured one night with Ruth was enough.

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" She actually told him a while back that since they were together, he wasn't allowed to visit his family anymore."

ROFL. I'm sorry that's just hilarious. It's so batshit crazy that it cracks me up. I'm not trying to dismiss your pain in the situation but that is HILARIOUSLY CRAZY.

Everyone at the party, while my father was away picking up Ruth, asked me why he was with her when she was so nuts. I'll tell you the same thing I tell them- I have no freaking idea. I said to him, on the drive home, how can you live like this? He had no answer.

He definitely needs a new therapist. And probably a 12 step program for co dependency.

Maybe you should go on a mission to find your dad a GOOD woman, as opposed to crazy.

My therapist said he needed a co-dependency support group. I told him, and he laughed. Florida is full of normal single women, but he won't give any of them a chance.

It's just so hard to get! I had a guy friend once when he was helping me move start saying some really nasty things to me. I told him "If you're going to talk to me like that you can leave right now." he apologized and then behaved himself.

I dont' take that bullshit. Your dad must have some low self esteem issues, majorly.

I think he does. He told me he's trying to work on his self esteem with his therapist. Not so good so far, it seems.

How di your family react to her freak out? And damn, your father should have seen this coming. Maybe he even wanted it to?

I was the only one who noticed, really, though I did point it out to my Uncle Bernie once I saw it happening.

Dad said he didn't expect this, but really, I have to wonder. She's such a nut.

Oh my (and why aren't I surprised?). How did the family react when she flipped out?

Also, I think your dad may need a more skillful counselor. The one he has doesn't appear to be helping.

She flipped out quietly, so no one noticed except me. She was sighing and holding her head and whispering heatedly at Dad. I know the signs, but no one else does, though they all know she's a total nut. I've been thinking the same thing about the therapist, too.

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