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And the hits just keep on coming
Ah, Ruth. She's never boring, I'll give her that. After fuming about out trip to NY for a few days, she told Dad he had to take her away somewhere too, to make up for it. Jeez. So, they're planning a trip to Key West in JUne, for about four or five days. My father seems to think that will be relatively inexpensive- just by paging through the travel guide he bought, I can tell it won't be. So if they do go, I guess this is where the rest of our tax return is going to. Of course Ruth won't be paying anything- why should she? She always yells at Dad that he's "pissing away money", our trip to NY for one, but when it comes to spending on her, yeah, that's no problem.

My sister is planning to come in with her former sister-in-law the second week of June, for about four days, Thursday or Friday through Sunday. That will be definitely be a problem, if Dad and Ruth are still together (He told me as he was leaving tonight that he and Ruth fought yesterday and he doesn't know if he'll be staying over there tonight. You can't even imagine how many times I've heard that; he has yet to come home early.) Ruth insists that weekends are ONLY for her, but there's no way in hell Sis and I (and her friend, who's meet Ruth) are going to spend a minute in Ruth's time, and Dad isn't going to give up a visit with my sister, who he maybe sees two or three times a year. Dad told me (and sis) how nice it would be for all of us to have dinner together. I didn't even have to answer, although I did. I'm sure you can guess that answer, too.

ETA: Dad came home at 8PM. All he would say is that he and Ruth are broken up for good. We'll see.

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I think you should make a "Ruth and I Are Over" jar. And at the end of the year, mnaybe buy a castle or something.

I have my fingers crossed for you, poor thing....

With a moat, too. So if Ruth approaches, I can throw her in.

You know, this is an awful, awful thing for me to say and I may have already said it, but it would be kind of good if Ruth, being elderly, passed away quite soon. Since it seems that your dad and her are never ever EVER going to actually break up permanently. OK, OR instead, she could meet some other guy and move with him to another state.

It's just as awful, but I feel the same way. I'd settle for the finding someone else option, but she's way too psycho, I think. Everyone in the singles group they met in called her disturbed. Dad said she's becoming even more unhinged lately.

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