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Family Reunion time
Smv finale Kents by lieslchen
A mini one, actually.  My sister will be flying in tomorrow morning with her friend Kari, who also happens to be her former sister-in-law.  She'll be staying through Tuesday afternoon.  Tomorrow night we'll be going to a local seafood restauarant with Dad's new girlfriend Shelley, and possibly her daughter.  We'l probably barbecue the other couple of nights she's here.  She wants to go to the big flea market near Ft. Lauderdale, and I'm sure she'll want to spend plenty of time sitting around the pool.  She gave Dad a list of all the grocery items she wanted, and I'm still amazed.  They'll basically be here for just over 3 days.  There's no way they'll eat all of this, and I know I'm going to be stuck with packages of oatmeal and all the other crap on her list.  But it'll be nice to see her.

Also, on Tuesday I saw the new X Men movie, and wow, did I love it!  I looked through my TivO and found the Wolverine prequel, so I downloaded that, and I ordered an inexpensive box set of the first 3 movies.  I feel an X Men marathon coming on!

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Whoo! Have fun with your sis!

Glad things are calming down for you, and that your Dad finally got rid of the nutter.

Hope you had a fab time :)

We had a wonderful time, fortunately. Thank you for your good wishes!

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