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Home from NY- and back to Psycho! Ruth
Ruth was her delightful self when she picked us up at the airport. She hated Dad's new haircut, so apparently that required a fight when we got home. Then, when Dad mentioned that he and I were just separating the stuff from the suitcases, and we'd go to dinner right after, Ruth went nuts again.

How dare I go to dinner with them, seemed to be the jist of the conversation. What exactly did she want me to do for dinner, Dad asked. As I showed her just five minutes earlier, there is NO food in the house. I guess that didn't matter, because suddenly she was shrieking at him, telling him he has no class and no idea how to be in a relationship (I love all this coming from her.) Then she stormed out, he followed, and I really couldn't hear the rest, but she was shrieking and he was explaining. On the front lawn. So classy.

Then, of course, came the coup d'etat. She said, and I quote, "Why don't you get your daughter to give you a blow job?" before driving off. Really. I didn't actually hear it, thank God, but when Dad came back into the house my sister called, and he told her right away, while I was standing there.

I have no idea what's going to happen next. As soon as we got back from dinner, I heard him call her on the phone and do some more "explaining". Jesus, I have no respect for him anymore.

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I am so sorry this woman has your dad by the balls.

He's so down today, he has no idea what to do about Ruth, blah blah blah. I'm tired of all of it.

OMG!!!!!! Words can't even.....???!!!! O-O

Yeah, that was my response too. And of course my dad is whining and moaning how he doesn't know what to do. Jesus, of course he knows, he just won't do it.

That woman needs to be OUT ON HER ASS. JFC!!!!

She sure as hell does!

WTF? I have no words. What a welcome home for you. *hugs*

Last summer she waited until the day after we got back to flip out. We didn't even get that small grace period this year. Sigh. *Hugs back*

WHAT! That is just wrong and just wow. On the front lawn she said that? Again wow.

She's an utter loon. And my father is all confused, he doesn't know what to do. I'm pretty pissed at him about that.

That woman is a psycho freak. She needs some serious medication. What the hell kind of thing is *that* to say? I'm horrified for the both of you!!

She's on serious medication, actually! Unless she stopped taking it, which wouldn't surprise me. She's just a horrible, horrible person.

Holy cats. No matter what else happened on your vacation, it must have been a slice of heaven to be away from that crazy woman.

I'm trying to think what I've have done if I'd been there and heard that said about me. I think I'd have just stood there and blinked in surprise. And then thought saying this was a clear indication that there's something seriously wrong with her thinking.

*hugs* and *welcome home* (and a pox on Ruth for good measure)

Last summer she waited until the day after we came home to flip out. She couldn't even do that this year. What a way to end a really nice vacation.

I'm so sorry you had to get back home to this. That woman has a serious problem. I can only hope there'll be an end to this nightmare in the near future.

They seem to be done, for the moment. We'll see.

She is soooooooo psycho!

she's a loon. She really is.

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