Does anyone really want to read this?

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And nothing ever changes
Dad went over to Ruth's to "talk". Right. It's 10:20 and he's not back, so I'm assuming they're back together. I can't believe it. She curses him out, calls him and everyone he loves stupid, and says some even more disgusting things (see previous post, I'm not writing it again), and he goes running back for more.

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I wish you could find a way to not live there. :(

Sorry things suck. :(

This is a very touching story. Maybe it will cheer you up?

That's a lovely story! If only all parents - - all *people* - - could be that way.

What a great story. *pass the carrots* Lol.

Also, for another laugh, when I tried to open your link in another tab, my fingers slipped and this loaded instead.

It did, sweetie. Thank you. And then Dad came home furious an hour later, saying she'll never change.

And once again, I have no words. Seriously, no sex could be worth all that. Because he can't be with her for her personality.

I forget, does she have kids? If so, does she hate them as much as she hates his kids?

Y'know, that's a good question. Does she have kids? What's her family situation that she's so messed up?

No kids, no family. She has two siblings, a brother she never speaks to, and a sister that she just recently started talking to again after 15 years of estrangement. This woman is incapable of forming lasting bonds with anyone.

No kids, not much family at all. She has no real personal connections with anyone. I wonder why.

So seriously f'ed up. You've got to find a way out of that house. Go live with your sister in NY or something. Anything is better than this crazy woman.

My sister isn't a realistic option, unfortunately. And if she was, she and her boyfriend are about to break up, so there will be a whole big mess there on top of everything else.

Either your dad's therapist isn't doing his job or your dad needs a better therapist. *sigh*

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