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I'm a volunteer!
Last month I filled out an application to volunteer at the public library, and I finally heard from them yesterday- I'm in! I just got back from my orientation. My job is very simple. They've installed a new machine to check out the new DVDs, and I have to stand there and help the customers who can't figure out how to use it. (Or who don't want to be bothered doing in themselves.) Like I said, simple, but it's enjoyable enough. I'm only working two hours a week at this point, Saturdays from 2 to 4, but it's possible the hours could increase. It's been a long time since I've had a job of any kind, so I think this will be a good way to ease myself in.

I love libraries, always have. Ever since elementary school, when I was on the library squad. Back then it meant shelving books and setting up the microfiche machines. Remember those? We even used the card catalog back then. Oh, times have changed.

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YAY! That is cool! :D

I hope you have lots of fun at work. I'm in love with all libraries and have always thought I'd enjoy working in one.

Thank you, sweetie. I love libraries, too. COming to these amazing ones here in Florida, after using the really crappy NYC ones for so long, was a real shock, I have to say. I'd forgotten how great libraries could be!

Congratulations! A library's a great place to volunteer. :-)

Thank you. I'd love to be doing something with actual books, to be honest, but I'll take what I can get, and it's good to start somewhere.

That's great, Andi! What better place to be than a library? *g*

I do love me some libraries! Thank you!

I'm happy for you! :) Have loads of fun, and yay for getting away from Ruth for a couple of hours. heh

Oh, Ruth doesn't come here anymore. She can't walk around naked or speak freely, as she puts it. Fine for me, frankly, like I need to look at the nast mug!

Thank you, sweetie.

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