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Firefly's Sean Maher came out
firefly trio by ladymargaret
I just read on that Sean Maher just came out of the closet. He gave them a long interview, where he talks about his career and sexuality. He also talks about his partner of 9 years, and their two kids. It's really sweet, though some of the comments that follow the interview are less than nice. Whatever, let the haters hate. I'm happy for him.

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I was happy to hear this, and am happy for him as well. And I really hate to read a sweet story like this, and then find that of course, the trolls took the time to make a nasty comment.

Trolls ruin everything.

as well. i thought it was pretty cool that he came out and very cool that he's in a committed relationship with kids. I hate looking at the comments under the articles sometimes. people get really mean and rude in them its a shame. still happy for Sean. i love him.

Re: i just saw this article

I've always adored him. I wish people could just be happy for him instead of accusing him of ulterior motives.

Re: i just saw this article

I wish the same thing. It's a shame that people always have to think there's an ulterior motive to something. I admire Sean for coming out on his own terms for his own reasons, and for knowing when the best time to do it was because ultimately it is up to him when and how he does it.

It was really sweet to read.

I saw that yesterday too. I think it's damn cool that he's in a long-term partnership and has children.

It was really nice to read about his family. I just feel bad about all the commenters who're saying he's doing this for the publicity.

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