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Good News
Dad had the more invasive tests today, which involved a scope and a penis and no anethesia. ( Yeah, even I'm crossing my legs thinking about that one!) Anyhow, the test results were great, the bladder looked completely normal, and last week's CT scan said the same. The doctor did remove some tissue for a biopsy, but he's very positive about the whole thing now, so I'm trying to be too. We'll get the biopsy results on Monday. Everyone, please keep your fingers crossed until then!

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I'm glad things are going good for your dad so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for further good news!

Thanks, sweetie. I didn't even tell you that my 11 year old Denny had major dental surgery. They took NINE teeth, his gums were so bad. He's still a little lethargic, but the vet says he's doing fantastically.

Awwww. Poor Denny. :( :::Cuddles him:::

Dumbledore is being a crazy kitty the last few weeks.. Waking me up at 6am every day. :-P

Thank you, Suz. I'm sending some thoughts and prayers your way, too.

That's good news! I'm hoping for the best.

So far so good! Keeping my fingers crossed for you & your dad.

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