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Just a few thoughts about a few shows. I watched "Once upon a time" last night. I genuinely liked it. I've always been a fairy tale nut, though. For years when I was a kid, my birthday cake was always the same thing- a Snow White ice cream cake from Carvel. And I loved to read those stories. My first real love was Greek mythology, but I quickly widened my interests to include other cultures, and of course, fairy tales.

I'm not loving "The Secret Circle". That's bad, because I wanted to love it. So much. They were among my favorite books, even more than the Vampire Diaries. I'm not giving up on it yet, but I sure hope it gets better.

A show I'm really enjoying is a British one I've been watching BBC America called Bedlam. It's basically Melrose Place with ghosts, but the lead is very appealing, and they mystery really interests me. Any of my English friends familiar with this show? I'd love to be able to talk to someone about it.

I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks, when Glee and Bones come back. I'm so sick of baseball!

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I liked Once Upon a Time quite a bit, surprised me as I'm not overfond of the lead. She did a good job, and the show looks good.

The Secret Circle bored me stupid--I couldn't give it more than 15 minutes. Let me know if it gets better, though.

I had no idea what to expect from Once Upon a Time , but I really liked the pilot. I think they mixed fairy tales and real life/modern age rather well. I'll continue watching.

I gave up on TSC. Not even Gale was enough to keep me watching.

I'll hang in a little longer with TSC. Gale's done some good work the past couple of eps.

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