Does anyone really want to read this?

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I'm a little confused...
...about this latest brouhaha about LJ.  My comments are fine- I can post and read as usual.  Nothing has changed at all (though I'm probably jinxing myself by saying this).  I think it might be because of my LJ style- apparently this only happens on S1 and I use S2, or vice versa.  Whatever the problem, I hope it's resolved soon.  Many of my LJ friends are VERY unhappy right now.

Also, thanks to jackiesjunkie, duskwillow and teot for the their lovely holiday cards.  And Happy Chanukah to all!

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My LJ is also fine, but commenting in communities is a nightmare, especially picking icons, loading 200+ icons each time kills my browser. O_o Plus, I miss the preview button/spelling check.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful card! ♥ It arrived yesterday. :D

I don't really comment in communities, so I guess that's something I wouldn't really notice, but I did see that the preview button was gone. I don't understand the people who own LJ at all- it seems like they don't care about their users in the slightest. And I'm STILL not getting my comments!

You're very welcome for the card. I'm glad it came on time!

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