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Family stuff
Glee- Blaine boxing by nowheretogo26
Dad's date with Lainie last night went really well.  I was surprised when the phone rang about 10:30, and his name popped up in the caller ID.  It turned out to be Lainie, who wanted to say hi to me.  She was always very nice to me, I just hope she's not as high strung as she used to be.  To be fair, though, I think Dad was looking for anything wrong with her, so he could go running back to Ruth.

Tonight is Dad's 50th high school reunion.  Apparently so many of his former classmates have moved to Southern Florida, particularly Palm Beach County, that they're having a special party just for the Floridian members of the class.  He went with his friend, Eddie.  Eddie's wife, Fredi, who you might have seen me post about before, has lap band surgery last week.  RIght now she's still in pain, can't really eat anything solid.  I've been thinking about the surgery myself, to be honest, but I'm nervous about the whole thing.  Not to mention the cost, as well.  I don't know that my insurance would cover it.  Even with Fredi's insurance, they've already paid a good $1500 out of pocket, and I just don't have that kind of money.  But it's something to look into.

A librarian mentioned to me that they're going to be looking for someone to hire full time, and she suggested I ask the manager for the job.  I don't know how well I'll qualify on paper- I haven't had a real job since the late 90s.  I think I'll talk about it with Jill, the volunteer supervisor, first, see exactly what they're looking for and if I would even really be a candidate.  The idea makes me a little  uncomfortable.  I haven't worked in ages.  The two volunteer sessions I do a week sometimes leave with me terrible back pain, and I don't relish the idea of feeling like that all the time.  Still, it's something to think about.  If I did get the job, it would be a huge boost in confidence for me, and I can really use that.


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