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No New York this year
I don't think I'll be spending a week in NY like I have the past two summers.  My uncle decided to sell his house (which I found out through a picture he posted on Facebook), and that means nowhere to stay.  There's no way we could stay with my sister.  She and her boyfriend have a 3 bedroom apartment, but when his son comes to visit (he lives here in Florida with his grandparents), he has to sleep on a futon or air mattress.  No way is my father sleeping on one of those for a week, and I'm not too crazy about the idea myself.

I would miss seeing my sister, and my uncle and aunt, but truth be told, I can live without going back to NY.  I'd rather save the money and a take a real vacation.  It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy or exotic- I'd love to see Boston.  Or Savannah.  Or Key West. And my dream trip is to New Orleans, I must admit.  But I don't think going to any of those places in the summer would be a good idea.  The heat and humidity is crazy in the South (and yes, I actually do live in the South, even though I tend to think of this part of Florida as South New York), and it's not much of an escape to go from one Southern town to another.

I've been watching tons of episodes of Rick Steves' Europe the past couple of months, and really, I'd pick Europe over anywhere else, but it's just not in the budget.  It's a shame, because some of the places I never even thought of for a vacation (Helsinki, Budapest, Krakow) look just amazing.


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