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New York, here I come!
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Next month my dad's oldest brother turns 80.  He's the first man in our whole combined family to reach that milestone.  (Luckily, the women last a lot longer.)   His wife is throwing a party at a restaurant near their home on Long Island, so Dad and I will be flying in for it, in the second week of June.  We made our airline reservations today.  Actually, for some reason my sister made them,  Then she sent us the itinerary and I had to cancel everything she booked and redo it because she had us leaving frm the wrong airport.  And our new flight was a whole four dollars cheaper.  Go me!

We'll be staying at a hotel that's almost across the street from my sister's house in Queens.  Normally we stay with my maternal uncle and aunt, but they're in the midst of selling their house, and while I doubt they would turn us away, they didn't really offer us a place to stay either.  The hotel isn't too expensive.  It's a Ramada.

We almost got stuck taking Dad's girlfriend Lainie with us.  When she heard we were going, she naturally assumed she was invited.  Thing is, she's a complete loon.  Fortunately, she's nice, unlike Ruth, but she's scattered, absent minded and panicked about everything that she's driving us both nuts.  There was a whole brouhaha about her cable TV and her new phone and yesterday her car got dinged and she called Dad in hysterics this morning when the body shop called to say they'd be picking up her car to fix it.  Dad actually spoke to her sister-in-law this morning, telling her his concerns, of which she is well aware.  It's a whole mess, and while Dad originally was just going to end it, he now wants to do it slowly.  I'm not sure if that's the best way or not.

But, to sum it up, I'll be spending 5 days in NY next month.  Without the crazy girlfriend.

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New York, YAY!!!

Also ending it slowly is never a good idea.

That was my thought, too. Better to just say goodbye then to let her get more attached and the craziness go on and on.

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