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This time tomorrow...
I'll be on a plane, heading to New York!  I'm sort of excited- I'll see my sister, and my maternal relatives, whom I only see once a year.  We'll be going to a Mets/Yankees game at Yankee Stadium Friday night.  Sunday we'll be going to my uncle's 80th birthday party, our main reason for making this trip this time of year.  Usually we go in the summer, but we wanted to be there for the party.  I can't believe my father has a brother who's 80 years old.  Granted, it's his oldest brother, but still, it seems strange.

I've become more and more aware that I will be turning 40 this September.  I'm not thrilled about it, but it beats the alternative.  When my mom was alive, before I actually entered my thirties, I used to to point out to her that I was closer to 30 than she was.  Turns out, it's not so funny from the other side.

Anyhow, I'll keep in touch, since I'm bringing my laptop.  And my KIndle and my Ipod.  If I'm going to be spending 4 nights sharing a motel room with my father, I need to keep myself entertained.  Especially if he's making lovey-dovey calls to Ruth. 
Talk to you from the Big Apple!

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Have loads on fun. You deserve it!

That sounds like a pretty full agenda. I hope it's as fun as it sounds!

I hope so, too. My sister already called Dad and told us that after we land and check in to our motel (after 11:30 this night), she wants to take us to an all night diner. I need my sleep!

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